We have kept the rooms modern, but deliberately avoided glitz and glamour. The colours of the headboard, bedding, curtains, carpets and furniture all go with each other, creating an appealing and pleasant atmosphere. The hygiene areas will catch your eye too.

When we constructed the sanitary areas for our rooms, our main objective was to have the toilet in a separate room from the bathroom, thus avoiding bad smells in the bathroom. We were able to make this separate toilet a reality in almost all the rooms. The spacious wet area in the showers is made from high-quality plastic, thus attaining the highest standards of hygiene. As a further detail, practically all the showers feature a bidet seat. For the washbasins, we selected models with storage shelves and integrated hand rails.

To make our chamber maids' work easier and to create a healthy workplace for them, both buildings have a central vacuuming system. This removes dust and dirt via a system of pipes. This means that there is no particulate pollution any more. In addition, this prevents a vacuum cleaner from being lugged around.

We use a modern wood chip biomass heating system to heat our buildings, and to prepare all the water used for showering and services in all the rooms, the kitchen, and across the entire hotel. By switching to biomass in 2011, we were able to help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by 67.5 tonnes per year compared to the oil heating system previously in use.